saya suka tgk mereka tersenyum (:

"Cukuplah Allah yang menjadi penolong kami dan Allah adalah sebaik – baik pelindung" (Ali Imran 3:173)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

i can be your HEROIN (:

'The best relationship it`s when we both are in love each other,other yet,you`re still a friend'

I can be your HEROIN

no matter what,i will make you Smile (:

I can be your HEROIN

I will sing a song to you,even my voice not good as yuna..ding!

I can be your HEROIN

like a star that would shine your night

I can be your HEROIN

I will make a cupcakes in your birthday,even i`m not as pro as a chef.(:

I wanna be a sweetest thing in your life ;)

am i sweet right?cheewahhh... ;p


  1. chewaaahh~
    heroin sape nie?hehehe

  2.`s just a dream.patot i letak IF tadi.miahahaha~